The New England Community Action Partnership (NECAP) serves the collective interests of its member Community Action Agencies (CAA) and the low-income population of New England through representation and education. It is the official association of the Region I Community Action Agencies.


The New England Community Action Partnership (NECAP) is a network comprised of 64 Community Action Agencies and the six state associations (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT). Each state selects two individuals from their Community Action Agencies and one person from its State Association to serve as the board of directors for NECAP.

The regional association provides an opportunity for CAA Directors and staff within the region to come together to discuss trends, share mutual concerns and best practices that address poverty-related policy issues on a state, regional, and national level. Through this approach, NECAP organizes various forums and Training and Technical Assistance opportunities to CAAs in the region.

The NECAP board of directors also select representatives to serve as liaisons to the National Community Action Partnership and the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF). These representatives make sure the causes, concerns and best practices of the New England Community Action Network are represented at the national level and bring home other best practices from our sister agencies around the country.